ASCOM.DriverAccess Namespace


This namespace contains a class that provides easy access for .NET programs to device drivers. It handles differences between device interface versions transparently so that the client does not need to be concerned about these and sees a single cocnsistent interface to each device type.


Public classAscomDriver
Base class for ASCOM driver access toolkit device classes. This class contains the methods common to all devices so that they can be maintained in just one place.
Public classAxisRates
A collection of rates at which the telescope may be moved about the specified axis by the MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes, Double) method. This is only used if the telescope interface version is 2 or 3
Public classCamera
Implements a camera class to access any registered ASCOM Camera
Public classDome
Provides universal access to ASCOM Dome drivers
Public classFilterWheel
Provides universal access to FilterWheel drivers
Public classFocuser
Provides universal access to Focuser drivers
Public classRate
Describes a range of rates supported by the MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes, Double) method (degrees/per second) These are contained within an AxisRates collection and serve to describe one or more supported ranges of rates of motion about a mechanical axis. It is possible that the Maximum and Minimum properties will be equal. In this case, the Rate object expresses a single discrete rate. Both the Minimum and Maximum properties are always expressed in units of degrees per second. This is only using for Telescope InterfaceVersions 2 and 3
Public classRotator
Provides universal access to Rotator drivers
Public classSafetyMonitor
Provides universal access to SafetyMonitor drivers
Public classSwitch
Defines the ISwitchV2 Interface
Public classTelescope
Implements a telescope class to access any registered ASCOM telescope
Public classTrackingRates
Late bound TrackingRates implementation
Public classVideo
Provides universal access to Video drivers