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ASCOM.Utilities.Exceptions Namespace

ASCOM.Utilities.Exceptions Namespace


This namespace contains all utility and tool related exceptions

  Class Description
Public class DriverNotRegisteredException
Exception thrown when a profile request is made for a driver that is not registered
Public class HelperException
Base exception for the Utilities components
Public class InvalidValueException
Exception thrown when an invalid value is passed to a Utilities component
Public class ProfileNotFoundException
Exception thrown when the profile is not found. This is internally trapped and should not appear externally to an application.
Public class ProfilePersistenceException
Exception thrown if there is any problem in reading or writing the profile from or to the file system
Public class RestrictedAccessException
Exception thrown when an attempt is made to write to a protected part of the the Profile store that is reserved for Platform use. An example is attempting to write to the the default value of a device driver profile. This value is reserved for use by the Chooser to display the device description and is set by the Profile.Register method.
Public class SerialPortInUseException
Exception thrown when a serial port method is already in progress and a second attempt is made to use the serial port.
Public class ValueNotSetException
Exception thrown when an attempt is made to read a value that has not yet been set.