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Focuser Properties

The Focuser type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Absolute
True if the focuser is capable of absolute position; that is, being commanded to a specific step location.
Public property Connected
Set True to connect to the device hardware. Set False to disconnect from the device hardware. You can also read the property to check whether it is connected. This reports the current hardware state.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public property Description
Returns a description of the device, such as manufacturer and modelnumber. Any ASCII characters may be used.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public property DriverInfo
Descriptive and version information about this ASCOM driver.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public property DriverVersion
A string containing only the major and minor version of the driver.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public property InterfaceVersion
The interface version number that this device supports.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public property IsMoving
True if the focuser is currently moving to a new position. False if the focuser is stationary.
Public property Link
State of the connection to the focuser.
Public property MaxIncrement
Maximum increment size allowed by the focuser; i.e. the maximum number of steps allowed in one move operation.
Public property MaxStep
Maximum step position permitted.
Public property Name
The short name of the driver, for display purposes
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public property Position
Current focuser position, in steps.
Public property StepSize
Step size (microns) for the focuser.
Public property SupportedActions
Returns the list of action names supported by this driver.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public property TempComp
The state of temperature compensation mode (if available), else always False.
Public property TempCompAvailable
True if focuser has temperature compensation available.
Public property Temperature
Current ambient temperature as measured by the focuser.
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